Call for Participation to All DPS Arts Students

Let’s welcome Vochol®  to Denver by showcasing the ingenuity of DPS  arts students!
The concept of Vochol®  – Huichol Art on Wheels  was developed by personnel at the Museo de Arte Popular. This was after they saw a series of other cars with the same concept, yet different materials.

Vochol®  is the Culmination of:
9,408 hours    2000,000 glass seed beads    35 lbs of special resin, fabric, pain, and yarn

  the Creative inspiration of two Wixarika (Huichol) families from West Central Mexico.

 Vochol®  will be on display at the Denver International Airport from June – August, 2012
DPS Student artwork will also be displayed  during this time at D.I.A.
Student field trip, Unveiling Ceremony  to D.I.A., tentative dates are May 22 or 23 (buses provided)

Mtro. Francisco Bautista working on the Vochol®

  • Connected to the theme (but not replicate) VOCHOL® – Artistic Idea as the Vehicle
  • Student collaboration, expanded use of the imagination, unique ideas
  • Creative surface for your canvas and material choice – No Flat Surfaces
  • Can be connected to Mythology, History, Cultural,  or Create your own story
  • All arts disciplines are encouraged to participate
  • Material fees are available if needed    let me know
  • Student artwork will be displayed at D.I.A. during the VOCHOL®  exhibit
    • Submitted work completed by May 15 / images of work submitted to Arts Dept.
  • Student field trip Unveiling Ceremony  to D.I.A., tentative dates are May 22 or 23 (buses provided)
  • RSVP to and for additional information.
Photos Alex Piedra Buena